Why Office cleaning is needed consistently. You will be amazed.

At ER Janitorial Services we know the areas of a building that need high quality cleaning attention. Our management team knows thaImaget offices are on top of the list. Knowing that germs can live up to three days. We ensure our cleaning crew use the proper chemicals to clean and sanitize your office from germs. 

According to an article done by PR NewsWire states the average desk in an office harbors 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat. Now imagine not having someone clean and sanitize your desk on the consistent basis. This would result on million bacteria on your desk and will eventually catch on when you get ill or sick, 

Here at ER Janitorial Services we train our cleaning technicians to wipe down desks and ensure that the offices are sanitized because we care about the health of our clients and the well being of the company. 

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Floor Care Services

Here at ER Janitorial Services we understand the importance of floor care in all types of businesses. Costumers get their impressions by looking how clean is the floor. We specialize in having our clients who inquire about our  floor waxing and buffing services to get the shine in their floor they deserve.


Our floor technician specialize in which chemicals need to be used to maintain a high quality look that fits your business. We have the equipment to handle any size of facility. We bring shine back to your floors and also extend the health of your flooring. After performing this service it is recommend to do it every four months.

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