Carpet Cleaning

At ER Janitorial Services the facilities we serve are from a variety of type of flooring. But when it comes to carpets we deliver great service. Corporate offices are usually have carpet, and our carpet technician knows the amount of dirt the carpets tend to accumulate over time. That is why we offer carpet cleaning services in order to remove dirt from the carpet. 


Lets not forget the amount of stains that a carpet is affected by during its lifetime. What we suggest here at ER janitorial services is to contract our carpet cleaning services. Our carpet technician knows how to handle any type of  stain. 


What we do for our carpet cleaning services is that we prep the area by 

  • Removing any furniture that is in the way
  • Vacuuming the area 
  • Prep our chemicals that will be applied to the carpet.
  • Perform Deep Carpet  Cleaning

For more information about our carpet cleaning services visit

Carpet Cleaning Services Page  


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