Why Office cleaning is needed consistently. You will be amazed.

At ER Janitorial Services we know the areas of a building that need high quality cleaning attention. Our management team knows thaImaget offices are on top of the list. Knowing that germs can live up to three days. We ensure our cleaning crew use the proper chemicals to clean and sanitize your office from germs. 

According to an article done by PR NewsWire states the average desk in an office harbors 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat. Now imagine not having someone clean and sanitize your desk on the consistent basis. This would result on million bacteria on your desk and will eventually catch on when you get ill or sick, 

Here at ER Janitorial Services we train our cleaning technicians to wipe down desks and ensure that the offices are sanitized because we care about the health of our clients and the well being of the company. 

ImageIf you need office cleaning services feel free to contact us at (213)384-3892 and we will eliminate those germs!!

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Event Cleaning

We know that events take place for special occasions of a business. But we also recognize the importance of maintain the event area cleaning before and after an event.



Our management team and supervisors make sure that the venue or area of the event is in the same condition the area was before or better. 

some of the duties our cleaning staff holds during event cleaning are the following:

  • Organize chairs and tables
  • Clean chairs and tables
  • Sweep and mop floors
  • Deep Clean restrooms 
  • Detail clean kitchen 

The duties above are just some of the cleaning steps we take in order to wrap up your event without you worrying about cleaning or organizing tables or chairs. Our goal is for you to keep the joy from the event and leave the cleaning and wrapping of the event to ER Janitorial Services. 

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Floor Care Services

Here at ER Janitorial Services we understand the importance of floor care in all types of businesses. Costumers get their impressions by looking how clean is the floor. We specialize in having our clients who inquire about our  floor waxing and buffing services to get the shine in their floor they deserve.


Our floor technician specialize in which chemicals need to be used to maintain a high quality look that fits your business. We have the equipment to handle any size of facility. We bring shine back to your floors and also extend the health of your flooring. After performing this service it is recommend to do it every four months.

Cleanerz Gazette

Visit our floor care page for more information about the procedure of our floor care services. 


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Carpet Cleaning

At ER Janitorial Services the facilities we serve are from a variety of type of flooring. But when it comes to carpets we deliver great service. Corporate offices are usually have carpet, and our carpet technician knows the amount of dirt the carpets tend to accumulate over time. That is why we offer carpet cleaning services in order to remove dirt from the carpet. 


Lets not forget the amount of stains that a carpet is affected by during its lifetime. What we suggest here at ER janitorial services is to contract our carpet cleaning services. Our carpet technician knows how to handle any type of  stain. 


What we do for our carpet cleaning services is that we prep the area by 

  • Removing any furniture that is in the way
  • Vacuuming the area 
  • Prep our chemicals that will be applied to the carpet.
  • Perform Deep Carpet  Cleaning

For more information about our carpet cleaning services visit

Carpet Cleaning Services Page  

Detail Cleaning

office-cleaning-maintance When we get a new customer we always offer detail cleaning.  The reason for this is that we want your clients facility to be cleaned through and to achieve this we have to perform what we call detail cleaning. Through this cleaning process we do the following for our clients.Emptying trash Receptacles

  • Dusting Ceiling Lights, Air Vents, And fans
  • Dust & Polish Furniture
  • Remove cobwebs from corners
  • Complete Restroom Cleaning
  • Kitchen / Breakroom Cleaning
  • Window Detail Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Strip & Wax Floors

After this cleaning process the facility looks like the day you started or even better. After the detail cleaning the client has the option to hire our maintenance cleaning plan where we maintain the facility clean.

If you are interested in our deep cleaning services click the following link.


If you are interested in our cleaning maintenance program click the following link.


Feel free to contact us. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

Pressure Washing Services

?????????????????In the Los Angeles area with the heavy people walking around buildings and office area. The hardscape surrounding your building could be affecting by

  • Gum
  • Trash
  • Stains left from liquids
  • Dried up soda

In some cases this attracts rodents such as ants, this affects business in numerous way. the solution to this problem is pressure washing.  Our pressure washing service, leaves your hardcape looking new and appealing to customers. Great first impression if you ask us, and that is what we do help our clients have a good first impression on this customers.

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New Website Launch

We are excited to launch our new website. As of today we will have weekly updates on the websites which will enhance the information for our clients to access. Some of the new features our site has are as follows.

  • New Contact Us Page- A completely more sophisticated form for we can understand our clients needs.
  • New Services Pages- Now each service we provide as its own page this allows customers to understand the benefits of these services partnered up with other services that go along with that service.

If you would like to see our new website go to; http://www.erjanitorialservices.com


Business Cleaning

Cleaning services are essential for any business, maintaining a clean atmosphere allows employee’s and customers enjoy your business. At ER Janitorial Services we understand the importance of the quality of your work environment. We specialize in making your work environment pleasant. When your business is clean customers will enjoy; product sales, services you offer and your overall business appearance.

Some of the key services that come along with business cleaning are;

  • Trash Disposal
  • Floor Care & Maintenance
  • Striping & Waxing
  • Bathroom Sanitizing & Deodorize
  • Dust Removing
  • Furniture Polishing
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Window Care

At ER Janitorial Services we specialize in these key phases in business cleaning and fully equipped with the appropriate chemicals  and equipment handled by our cleaning team.

if you have any interest in our Business Cleaning Service please contact us at

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